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To pursue study in the Interdisciplinary Concentration in Cognitive Science, graduate students supplement the coursework of their home program with three approved courses offered in other programs.  Those three courses must be in two distinct programs other than the student's home program. Approval of courses is by the Coordinator of the Concentration.  
Students may also wish to design a dissertation prospectus and pursue dissertation research that incorporate material from those other programs. When useful, the student and dissertation advisor may wish to use committee members from those other programs.
The concentration thereby provides students the opportunity to study and research a wide range of topics central to cognitive science.
Students wishing to pursue interdisciplinary work in cognitive science must be enrolled in one of the affiliated Ph.D. programs and will be expected to meet the requirements of that program.

The Concentration in Cognitive Science also sponsors weekly talks on topics relevant to research in cognitive science.  A list of dates and speakers for the current semester is available at
For more information about the Interdisciplinary Concentration in Cognitive Science, please be in touch with the Coordinator, Professor David Rosenthal.

Affiliated Ph.D. Programs:

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