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Curriculum and Courses


Curriculum (32 credits):

  • BIOL 72301: Neuroscience I (4 credit hours)
  • BIOL 72302: Neuroscience II (4 credit hours)
  • PSYC 73003: Cognitive Neuroscience (3 credit hours)
  • PSYC 70801: Neuroanatomy (3 credit hours)
  • PSYC 88400: Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience (3 credit hours)
  • PSYC 70500: Statistics I (3 credit hours)
  • Any three from the following electives (9 credit hours total; Appendix C for more details):

BME I5100: Signal Processing
BME I5000: Medical Imaging and Image Processing
CS 74030: Computer Vision and Image Processing
CS 84090: Vision, Brain and Assistive Technologies
PSYC 80103: Neural Basis of Decision Making
PSYC 80103: Neuro-cognition and neurodegenerative disorders
PSYC 87203: Neuroscience of Consciousness
PSYC 87103: Attention
PSYC 80103: Theoretical Neuroscience
PSYC 70802: Neurophysiology
PSYC 80103: Cortical Circuitry
PSYC 84603: Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience
PSYC 80103: Neuroscience-based Digital Health Interventions
PSYC 73500: Psychology of Perception
PSYC 80103: Functional MRI
PSYC 76000: Psychometrics
PSYC 80103: Behavioral Neuroendocrinology
PSYC 80103: Neurobiological bases of crime
PSYC 88200: Neurochemistry of Learning
PSYC 80103: Basal Ganglia and Behavior
PSYC 73800: Cognitive Psychology, BIOL 72302: Neuroscience II
PSYC 88300: Learning & Memory
PSYC 80103: Systems of Cognition and Psychiatric Disorders
PSYC 81403: Cognitive Neuroscience Memory
PSYC 80103: Behavioral Neuroendocrinology
PSYC 80207: Professional Dev and Ethics
PSYC 80103: Clinical Neuroscience
PSYC 80103: Affective neuroscience
SPCH 71700: The acquisition of language
SPCH 80700: Seminar in Language Science: Executive functions and language processes
SPCH 70600: Hearing Science
SPCH 80800: Seminar in Hearing Science
SPCH 71500: Introduction to Neurolinguistics
SPCH 81500: Seminar in the Neurolinguistics of Bilingualism
SPCH 82200: Neuroscience of Aphasia
SPCH 71300: Neurophysiology of Language
SPCH  81900: Seminar in Electrophysiological Methods
SPCH 82000: Seminar in Neurobiology of Child Language Disorders
SPCH 82400: Seminar in Autism
SPCH 82600: Language Disorders in Children
SPCH 82800: Research Methods in Language
SPCH: Speech Science
SPCH: Speech Production
SPCH: Speech Perception
SPCH: Articulatory Phonology

  • Thesis Research (3 credit hours)