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Welcome to the M.S. Program in Data Science

Giving students an edge

The Master in Data Science at the Graduate Center is an affordable program for exceptional students with a background in computer science and STEM fields.

Data science expertise is in high demand. Information flooding in from our smartphones and throughout our networked society has the potential to transform nearly every sector. Government, health care, science, business, and transportation are confronting a data avalanche. Organizations are racing to harness the so-called 4v’s of big data — volume, velocity, variety, and veracity. To do this, they need data scientists who can analyze the influx and extract insights from the noise.

Our program equips professionals and researchers to capitalize on the data revolution. Students learn the theory of big data and apply it to find real-world solutions. Our location in mid-Manhattan and our ties to corporations, startups, government, and nonprofits give students an additional edge.

With data science expertise, the chances to excel in virtually every field — finance, social networks, urban planning, biomedicine, forensics, and policy, to name a few — are endless.

There has never been a better time for this learning or this program.

Exceptional professors

World-leading data scientists — all full-time professors — from throughout CUNY teach our courses. There are no adjuncts or part-time teachers. Master’s students take classes alongside top doctoral students.

Affordable tuition

As a public institution, we offer an exceptional program at a fraction of the cost of other universities.

30 credits

The curriculum is 30 credits. Students take four foundational courses and select two elective courses. A capstone project — either a research project or an internship — extends the learning beyond the classroom.

Getting in

Students with a strong academic background in computer science and related STEM fields are encouraged to apply