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“I cannot imagine a better setting to house such a program than the Graduate Center, CUNY. CUNY is widely recognized as one of the premier universities in the nation for the study of migration and its economic, social, and cultural consequences. Indeed CUNY, and in particular the Graduate Center, boasts what is arguably one of the greatest concentrations of first rank migration scholars in American academia.”— Mary C. Waters, John L. Loeb Professor and Interim Chair, Harvard University, Department of Sociology



Meet current faculty and students, and learn about the IMS program:



Why International Migration Studies?

Today, 250 million people live outside their countries of birth — 43 million in the United States alone. These migrants and their children are reshaping the social, cultural, economic, and political life of their new host societies, while also creating unprecedented levels of ethnic, racial, and religious diversity in immigrant-receiving nations around the world. Nowhere is this more apparent than in super-diverse global cities like New York. Understanding the causes and effects of international migration is now more important than ever.
The M.A. Program in International Migration Studies at the Graduate Center prepares you for growing and exciting opportunities to work with and advocate on behalf of international migrants and refugees, who are facing a rising tide of racism and xenophobia.
In this affordable, multidisciplinary master’s program, you will examine how policies shape migrants’ experiences, and you will analyze the social, cultural, economic, and political ramifications of international migration in the United States and beyond.
You will have the opportunity to study with leading immigration scholars from throughout The City University of New York, spanning fields such as sociology, political science, English, history, anthropology, international affairs, education, and urban planning. These faculty study migrants from all parts of the world, often through a comparative lens, using methods ranging from advanced quantitative techniques to in-depth ethnographies of urban communities. They explore migrants’ struggles for upward mobility; the experiences of immigrant children in schools; the forging of new race and gender identities; the effects of refugee resettlement in different types of communities; and the building of political power in, by, and for immigrant communities.
Studying international migration in New York City offers opportunities to learn about a diverse array of immigrant communities. Here, you will have extraordinary access to organizations that are at the forefront of immigration outreach, services, research, policy, and advocacy.
With this degree, you will be ready for a range of positions at policy, human rights, and advocacy organizations, ethnic studies centers in schools and universities, and government and service agencies. Our program also provides excellent preparation for doctoral study.

Exceptional Professors

Leading scholars from a variety of disciplines teach our courses. Our professors are accomplished, experienced, and accessible to students. Master’s students take their four core courses as a cohort but then enroll in elective courses alongside top doctoral students. They will be welcomed to an ongoing speakers’ series where renowned scholars from universities around the world discuss their research.

Affordable Tuition

As a public institution, we offer an exceptional program at a fraction of the cost of other universities.

30 Credits

The 30-credit curriculum includes four foundational courses in International Migration, Global Immigrant Cities, Research Methods in International Migration, and Migration Policy. Students will then choose among a rich array of elective courses offered in varied academic fields. They will complete the program with an individual capstone project under guidance from a faculty member.

New York City

Take Advantage of New York City

Nowhere has the impact of migration been more obvious than on the streets of New York City. Studying international migration in the world’s most diverse city means that your learning will extend far beyond the classroom. Master’s students will join an active student culture that offers connections with advocacy and community groups and government agencies.

Getting In

Students with a broad range of academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Our innovative program, the first of its kind on the East Coast, welcomes students who bring varying skills, experiences, and perspectives to the study of immigration.

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