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Core Courses

All students are required to take the “Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies” (MALS 70000) seminar and two “core” courses in their chosen track. After taking six courses of their choosing from courses offered by the various Ph.D. and certificate programs at the Graduate Center, the final requirement for the master’s degree is the writing of a thesis or completion of a final project (MALS 79000) overseen by a member of faculty. The core courses offered in each of the MALS Program’s nineteen tracks are listed below.

For descriptions of each course, see past course listings.

Africana Studies
MALS 73400 Africana Studies: Introduction, 3 credits
MALS 73500 Africana Studies: Global Perspectives, 3 credits

American Studies
MALS 73100 American Culture and Values, 3 credits
MALS 73200 American Social Institutions, 3 credits

Approaches to Modernity
MALS 70700 The Shaping of Modernity, 1789-1914, 3 credits
MALS 70800 Transformations of Modernity, 1914-present, 3 credits

The Archaeology of the Classical, Late Antique, and Islamic Worlds
MALS 74400 Special Topics in the Archaeology of the Classical, Late Antique, and Islamic Worlds, 3 credits
MALS 74500 Great Digs: Important sites of the Ancient, Late Antique and Islamic worlds, 3 credits

Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir
MALS 70900  Approaches to Life Writing, 3 credits
MALS 71000  Forms of Life Writing, 3 credits

Childhood and Youth Studies
MALS 78800 Introduction to Childhood and Youth Studies, 3 credits
MALS 78900 Childhood and Youth Studies: Approaches and Methods, 3 credits

Data Visualization
MALS 75400 Introduction to the Digital Humanities, 3 credits
MALS 75300 Data Visualization Methods, 3 credits

Digital Humanities
MALS 75400 Introduction to the Digital Humanities, 3 credits
MALS 75500 Digital Humanities Methods and Practices, 3 credits

Fashion Studies
MALS 71200  The Culture of Fashion: Theories and Practices, 3 credits
MALS 71300  Special Topics in Fashion Studies , 3 credits

Film Studies
MALS 77100  Aesthetics of Film, 3 credits
MALS 77200  History of the Cinema I, 1895-1930, 3 credits
MALS 77300  History of the Cinema II, 1930-Present, 3 credits

International Studies
MALS 71400 Introduction to International Studies, 3 credits
MALS 71500 Critical Issues in International Studies, 3 credits

Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies
MALS 78300 - Introduction to US Latino Studies
MALS 78400 - Introduction to Latin American Studies

Law and Society
MALS 70300  Law, Politics, and Policy, 3 credits
MALS 70400  Cultural Studies and the Law, 3 credits

Migration and Global Studies
MALS 77400  International Migration, 3 credits
MALS 77500  Global Cities, 3 credits

New York Studies
MALS 70100  Narratives of New York: Literature and the Visual Arts, 3 credits
MALS 70200  Metropolis: A Political, Historical, and Sociological Profile of New York, 3 credits                     

Science and Technology Studies
MALS 72500 Narratives of Science and Technology: Literature and the Visual Arts, 3 credits
MALS 72600 Social Impacts of Science and Technology: Case Studies, 3 credits 

Social and Environmental Justice Studies
MALS 72700  The Political Ecology of Social and Environmental Justice, 3 credits                    
MALS 72800  Topics in Environmental Social Science, 3 credits

Sustainability Science and Education
MALS 75600  Sustainability and Human Ecodynamics, 3 credits
MALS 75700  Field Course in Island Long Term Human Ecodynamics, 3 credits

Urban Education
MALS 78100 Issues in Urban Education, 3 credits
MALS 78200 The Politics of Contemporary Urban Education, 3 credits

Western Intellectual Traditions
MALS 70500  Classical, Medieval, or Renaissance Culture, 3 credits
MALS 70600  Enlightenment and Critique, 3 credits

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
MALS 72100 Feminist Texts and Contexts, 3 credits
MALS 72200 Contemporary Feminist Theories, 3 credits
MALS 72300  Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies, 3 credits