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Registration will start on Monday, December 3, at 9:30 AM. Be advised that all holds must be cleared before registration.

All students are required to be in status each term. This means that students must either be registered or be on an approved Leave of Absence.

The Graduate Center will use CUNYFirst for student registration. For more information about this new system, click on the following guidelines



Monday, December 3 - Wednesday, January 2
Registration for the Spring 2019 semester for those enrolled in the Fall 2018 semester without the imposition of a $25 late registration fee. 
Thursday, January 3 
A late registration fee of $25 will be applied to all registrations for the Spring 2019 semester on or after this date for those matriculated students registered for the Fall 2018 semester.

Monday, January 14
Registration begins for newly admitted students.

Wednesday, January 16
Registration begins for non-matriculants, readmits, and permit students.

Thursday, January 24
Last day to apply for a Leave of Absence for Spring 2019.

Friday, January 25
First day of classes for the Spring 2019 semester. All students who register on or after this day must pay tuition and fees in full at that time, including $25 late registration fee.

Thursday, January 31
Last day to register for Spring 2019. 

Thursday, February 14
Deadline for filing add/drop with special written permission (without the grade of “W” appearing on the student record) for Spring 2019. 

Tuesday, April 9
Last day to file for unevaluated withdrawal ("W") from courses.

Please visit the Spring 2019 Academic Calendar for relevant dates and deadlines. 



Visit the MALS Course Schedule for course descriptions of courses offered by MALS.

Visit the CUNY First Schedule of Classes to see all courses offered by the GC.

MALS 70000 - Introduction Course
The Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies course is required for all MALS students who do not come into the program with a Master's degree. The course is a topics class. Faculty who teach it choose a subject of study – usually related to their own research interests – and explore that topic through a range of disciplinary lenses. The class is designed to help students understand interdisciplinary work, develop their written, oral, and analytic skills, and create a cohort experience. We encourage students to take this class in their first or second semester in the program.

MALS Core Courses
Students who entered the program this Spring, should be taking their second core course if it is offered. If you do not take the core courses when they are offered, you may miss them in case they are not offered next year, and this may delay the completion of your degree down the line. In some cases, MALS core courses will be cross-listed with other programs. Students who would like to have these courses satisfy the core course requirement for their chosen concentration must register for the MALS course number. Core courses in the following tracks will not be offered in Spring 2019: Film Studies, Law and Society, Sustainability Science and Education. 
Satisfactory Progress Holds
Students need to be in good standing to register. If you have any satisfactory progress holds, you need to meet with Prof. Karen Miller to discuss the hold, and the hold must be removed BEFORE you can register. Everyone should have received a letter to this effect from the Registrar’s office earlier this semester. The MALS department can resolve ONLY academic holds; for other holds, contact the corresponding GC offices.
Thesis/Capstone Project Research, MALS 79000 (3 credits)
Students who are registering for MALS 79000, Thesis/Capstone Project Research, need to email Kathy Koutsis directly (and forward correspondence showing that they have a faculty member who has agreed to advise) to get a course override. Any professor who has an appointment to the Graduate Center can serve as a thesis advisor (not just faculty within MALS).
Maintenance of Matriculation
Students who have completed the 30 credits for the degree, but need an additional semester to complete the thesis, should register for “Maintenance of Matriculation” (# 57444).
Registration Overrides 
If you find that a course offered by another department is closed or has restrictions, you can get in touch with the instructor for permission to enroll. Once you’ve got the instructor’s permission, you should arrange for a “registration override” by emailing the Assistant Program Officer of the department offering the course. Here’s a link to the doctoral programs.
Registering for English and Comparative Literature Courses
Please note that the English and Comparative Literature departments offer a 2-credit option for all of their courses. This option is only available to students enrolled in Ph.D. programs; MALS students should choose the 4-credit option when registering for English courses. When registering for variable credit courses, the registration will be processed automatically for the lowest credit value available. You may change this credit value by clicking on the credit number in the registration screen. 

Federal Aid Information
A few key points: Students must be registered for at least 6 credits to receive federal aid (Perkins, work study, Stafford and Graduate PLUS). The amount of federal aid a student is eligible for is based on the number of credits the student registers for, a standardized cost of living amount, and the student’s financial need. If a student drops from 9 to 6 credits, their aid eligibility decreases by the cost of those three credits. If a student drops from 6 to 3 credits, all of their federal aid would be cancelled.
If a student completely withdraws from all classes prior to the 60% point of the policy on our website comes into effect. The 60% point is also when students who completely withdraw are entitled to keep their loans. Any student who completely withdraws from their classes will give up any remaining work study eligibility.
For detailed information, visit Master's Scholarships and Financial Aid.