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The CUNY Graduate Center faculty, recognized leaders in a diverse array of fields in the arts and sciences, are dedicated to interdisciplinary scholarship and pedagogical excellence.

Akasoy, Anna
(Medieval) Islamic History; Islamic Intellectual Traditions; Cultural and Religious Contacts in Europe, the Middle East and Asia
Aronowitz, Stanley
Sociology of Education
Battle, Juan
Public Health, Sociology, Urban Education, Liberal Studies MA, Coordinator of the Africana Studies Certificate Program.
Bonaparte , Felicia
Victorian literature; the history of the novel, with special emphasis on all philosophic questions, in particular those questions grounded in epistemological issues and giving, through their concrete expressions, shape and meaning to the narrative by means of frames, structures, images, symbolism, use of literary traditions, use of literary texts, and the embedding of diverse genres.
Bozorgmehr, Mehdi
Sociology, Liberal Studies MA, Middle Eastern Studies MA., Immigration, Urban Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Muslim Americans
Brier, Stephen
U.S. History, Labor and Working-Class Studies, Public Education, Information Technology and Pedagogy
Brownstein, Rachel
18th and 19th century literature, the novel especially; life writing; essays; caricature
Burke, Martin J
American Intellectual and Cultural history, American religious history, history of modern Ireland
Carroll, Clare L
Renaissance Studies, early modern colonialism, epic poetry, and historiography
Chinn, Sarah E.
19th century US literature and culture, gender and sexuality
Chuh, Kandice
20th century U.S. literatures and American studies; Asian American and comparative ethnic literary studies; minority discourse; critical/queer theory and critical race studies; disciplinarity and difference; globalization and global feminisms; aesthetics and cultural studies
Cook, Blanche Wiesen
History, Liberal Studies MA, Women’s Studies CP.
Dauben, Joseph W.
History of Science; History of Mathematics; Sociology of Science; Science and Technology in China
Dickstein, Morris
Modern literature and cultural history, film, biblical criticism, popular culture
Dolan, Marc
U.S. Literature and Culture, 1845 to the present; Mass Culture and Mass Art; Popular Narrative; Literature and Ethnicity; Representations of New York City in Literature; American Studies; Cultural Studies; Cultural Theory; History of Popular Song
Entin, Joseph
American Studies; American literature; modernism; visual culture, especially documentary photography; class, culture, and working-class studies; cultural theory
Faherty, Duncan
18th & early 19th Century U.S. Literature, Circum-Atlantic Studies, 18th & early 19th Century Black Atlantic Studies, American Studies
Fine, Michelle
Psychology, Urban Education, Liberal Studies MA, Women’s Studies CP; Education and Social Justice
Gold, Matthew K.
Digital Humanities, scholarly communication, networked rhetoric, open-access pedagogy, nineteenth-century American literature and culture
Gordon, David
History of France, Chinese economic development and history
Gottlieb, Anthony
Liberal Studies MA
Grasso, Linda
U.S. Literature; U.S. Women’s Literature and Culture; African American Literature; U.S. Women’s History; Asian American Studies; Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum
Hattori, Tomohisa
International Political Economy, Moral Economy, and International Development
Hintz, Carrie
Women's writing of the 17th and 18th centuries, with a focus on life writing (letters, diaries, auto/biography); women and nonconformity in Restoration England; spousal biography from the seventeenth century to the contemporary moment; utopian and dystopian writing; speculative and experimental fiction for children and young adults.
Humphries, David T.
American Cultural Studies, Digital Composition, the City as Text, Inter-war American Literature, Cold War American Literature, the Pedagogy of Surprise
Joseph , Gerhard
Victorian Literature, Contemporary Theory, the interface of contemporay literature and cognitive theory, and of literature and anthropology
Kessner, Thomas
History, Urban Education, Liberal Studies MA, American Studies CP.
Lobel, Cindy R.
19th-century US History, New York City History, Urban History, Women's History
Lyness, Karen
Work-Life and Family, Business, Psychology, Liberal Studies MA; diversity in organizations, cross-cultural issues, and other topics in industrial-organizational psychology.
Macaulay-Lewis, Elizabeth
Archaeology; Architectural History; Classical material culture; Roman material culture; Islamic art, architecture and material culture; Reception studies.
Marianetti, Marie C.
Greek and Roman history and archaeology, classical mythology, classical culture, women in antiquity
Mibenge, Chiseche
Gender, Feminist Legal Theory; Human Rights Movements; International Criminal Law; International Human Rights Law; Transitional Justice; Women’s Rights
O'Connor, Maureen
Psychology and Law, Gender
Paulicelli, Eugenia
Fashion Studies and Theory; Fashion and Politics; Women and Gender Studies; Film and Screen Media; Italian Literature, Culture and Fashion (Early Modernity to the Present); New Technologies and the Mediation of Culture; The Work of Roland Barthes and Charles Sanders Peirce.
Perdikaris, Sophia
Zooarchaeology, environmental studies; Northern Atlantic, Europe
Peterson, Glenn
Pharr, Robert Reid-
Race, gender, sexuality, and American culture; 19th- and 20th-century literature; African-American literature and poetics; film studies
Powers, Richard Gid
Richardson, Joan
American literature/American studies, focusing on the 19th and 20th centuries; modernism; Wallace Stevens; science and literature; philosophy and literature, especially pragmatism; visual arts and literature; American Colonial period and American religion; poetics; editorial board, The Wallace Stevens Journal; editorial board, Studies in American Fiction; poetry editor, The Grenfell Press
Rogers, Bethany L.
Rollins, Joe
Public Law, Gender and Sexuality, and Research Methods
Shockley, Kristen
work-family issues, workplace mentoring, career success, occupational stress
Singer, Robert
Interdisciplinary Studies, American Studies, Film Studies, Comparative Literature
Tougaw, Jason
the neurohumanities and cognitve approaches to literature and the arts; life writing; narrative; consciousness studies; dream theory and research
Traboulay, David M.
Ungar, Mark D.
Weiss, Thomas G.
International organizations