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Anna Akasoy
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center|Hunter College
Degrees/Diplomas: MA, PhD, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt
Research Interests: (Medieval) Islamic History; Islamic Intellectual Traditions; Cultural and Religious Contacts in Europe, the Middle East and Asia

Other GC Affiliations: Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center

Courses Taught in MALS: 
MALS 78500 Violence in Islamic History: Case Studies and Comparisons 
MALS 70500 Renaissance Culture
MALS 74400 From Alexander to Mohammed: Introduction to the Culture of the Ancient Mediterranean


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‘Was Ibn Rushd an Averroist? The Problem, the Debate, and its Philosophical Implications’, in Anna Akasoy and Guido Giglioni (eds), Renaissance Averroism and its Aftermath (Dordrecht, 2013), 321-347.
‘The Buddha and the Straight Path. Rashīd al-Dīn’s Life of the Buddha: Islamic Perspectives’, in Anna Akasoy, Charles Burnett and Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim (eds), Rashīd al-Dīn, Agent and Mediator of Cultural Exchanges in Ilkhanid Iran, 173-196.
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About Professor Akasoy: Anna Akasoy is professor of Islamic intellectual history at Hunter College and the Graduate Center. She teaches classes on Islamic intellectual history and the history, literature and culture of the Islamic world. Her research interests include the intellectual history of the medieval Islamic world, in particular the relationship between mysticism and philosophy, as well as contacts between the Islamic world and other cultures. Her current research projects include a study of the religious dimension of Alexander the Great in the Islamic tradition within the larger context of the classical heritage of the Middle East and Asia.