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In the wake of Hurricane Sandy…

Dear MALS Community,

We hope all of you reading this are safe and sound, hopefully with electricity and basic ammenities. New York City and the surrounding areas has taken a considerable blow, but we will rebuild, like we always do, through the efforts of our community members. We’ve suffered considerable outages, setbacks, and devastation to our infrastructure across the city’s span, but rest assured, we’ll all bounce back. Now is the time to open your hearts and doors to those in need, to help those impacted by the hurricane’s devastation, so that we may all come back together for intellectual and communal production.

The Graduate Center WILL open tomorrow–Friday, November 2nd, 2012–for normal hours. If, for whatever reason, your coming to the Graduate Center tomorrow will endanger your well-being in anyway, make it a “study” day at home instead.

Wishing you all the best and sending positivity through the inter-webs.


Website Team for the MALS Community

Also, here’s a message from our Acting Executive Officer, Dr. Matthew K. Gold:

“I write to you in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and in the hope that you and your families are safe and warm. Our thoughts go out to everyone in our community whose lives have been uprooted by this storm and its aftermath….

We know that travel is exceedingly difficult for everyone in the NYC and NJ area right now; please do your best to attend classes without putting your well-being at risk.

For those of you in need of help or news, here are some resources:


2. CUNY Newswire:

3. Counseling Services:

4. Free showers/power at NYSC:

If you need any help or information about the program, feel free to contact our administrative team @,,, or

Again, please stay tuned to official GC updates via email and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if the program can help you in any way.

Submitted on: NOV 2, 2012

Category: Liberal Studies