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MALS was a great option because I was able to explore multiple interests right away, without necessarily having to commit to a rigid discipline. I realize how beneficial my specific MALS experience was––I was able to do my research while continuing my day-to-day work. Even when I finished my courses, I attended so many amazing events at the Graduate Center that further formed my interests. My time at the GC also became a critical analog to the creative work that I developed as a musician and poet. I learned that I could be a critical thinker, artist and a person in the world all at once––and that all those things could beautifully inform each other.

Maryam Ivette Parhizkar, MALS ’15
PhD Student in American Studies and African American Studies
Yale University


The Master of Liberal Studies program at the Graduate Center gives you the opportunity to pursue an intellectual, academic, professional, or personal objective in one of an array of interdisciplinary, innovative tracks of study. The program places an emphasis on rigorous scholarship, original research, cross-disciplinary inquiry, and intellectual collaboration. Students must successfully complete 30 credits (approximately 10 courses) within 4 years of matriculation.
  • Contribute to a thriving intellectual community. As a student in the Liberal Studies Program, you and your peers will join doctoral candidates in small seminar courses led by the esteemed faculty in the MALS program and the Graduate Center as a whole. You’ll engage in wide-ranging and challenging discussions that will teach you new ways to learn, think, and collaborate, and develop the advanced analytic, critical thinking, and communications skills that are the foundations for success in any academic or workplace setting. Regular lectures and workshops take place throughout the year, with guest speakers and panels presenting on a variety of subjects.

  • Engage in customized, interdisciplinary study. The flexible, customizable Liberal Studies curriculum is particularly suited for ambitious students whose interests stretch across disciplines and whose skills give them the ability to synthesize a diverse array of information and knowledge in compelling ways.

  • Design a schedule to suit your needs. More than half of the student body in the Liberal Studies program work full- or part-time. Many courses are scheduled in the evenings, and you can choose to pursue the degree on either a full- or part-time basis.

First-rate, Affordable Graduate Study
The Graduate Center is recognized as one of the preeminent graduate institutions in the nation. With faculty who are leaders in their fields, engaging and compelling courses, and the extraordinary resources of the vast CUNY system at your disposal, the education you receive through the M.A. in Liberal Studies program is truly exceptional. With CUNY’s affordable tuition rates and federal financial aid opportunities, the benefits of a Liberal Studies degree are also uniquely attainable.

For the 2018-19 school year the in-state cost per academic credit is $455. At this rate, in-state students can obtain the degree for under $15,000 - university fees and estimated book costs included.
Out-of-state students pay a higher rate ($830 per credit), but may qualify for in-state rates after one year of residence in NYS.
For current information on tuition rates, please click here.
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