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Program Information

Time to Degree

All requirements for the degree must be completed no later than four years after matriculation.

Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies

MALS 70000 course must be completed in the first calender year of enrollment, preferably in the first semester. Students entering with a Master's degree are exempted and can take an additional elective course instead. Students can only take one Introduction course for credit.

Track-Specific Core Courses

Students must take two (6 credits) core courses in their given track. If these courses are cross listed, then students must take the MALS course number. Students may not enroll in the same MALS course more than once for credit.

Elective Courses

Students must choose from several options offered by the doctoralmaster’s, and certificate programs at the Graduate Center in order to make up the rest of their coursework (18 credits).

The Master’s Thesis/Capstone Project

Students finish their MA in Liberal Studies by working with an advisor to research and write a thesis OR to complete a capstone project. In their final term, students are required to register for a 3-credit Thesis/Capstone Project course. The Thesis Workshop class (MALS 79600) is an optional one-credit class that has proven helpful for thesis writers.

Transfer Credits

Please consult the Graduate Center Bulletin for the official transfer policy and please see our FAQ for additional questions.

Non-Matriculated Students

The Graduate Center allows non-enrolled students (non-matriculated students) to take a total of two courses at the Graduate Center. Please contact the Registrar’s Office first to complete the necessary paperwork and check deadlines to apply. If you are later admitted to the MALS Program, the courses you have taken as a non-matriculated student will count towards the 30 credits that you need for the degree.