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The MALS program was a perfect choice for me in that I was able to craft a field of study that set me on an unpredictable yet rewarding career path. As a MALS student, I wanted to study African American literature, history, and politics. Taking courses across various departments allowed me to get a feel for all my academic interests. I appreciated the flexibility of the MALS schedule, coursework and the warm assistance from the entire staff. I was able to write my thesis on African American comics while continuing my entry level work as an editorial assistant at HarperCollins Children's Books. Needless to say, my graduate experience has only made me grow--now I am an assistant editor with plans to return to university in the future.

Luana Horry, '18
Editor of Children's Books


The MALS program was a wonderful experience that allowed me to seamlessly combine two areas of study: Digital Humanities and Fashion Studies. Faculty across disciplines understood and supported my research aims, while encouraging me to challenge and stretch my own ways of thinking.The Graduate Center is a truly special community that I am grateful to be a part of, both personally and professionally.  

Tessa Maffucci, MALS ’16
Fashion Faculty, Pratt Institute


Maryam Ivette Parhizkar
The MALS program was a uniquely rewarding experience because it allowed me to take an interdisciplinary approach to my academic pursuits. Taking courses ranging from history to sociology to political science not only expanded my base of knowledge, but also helped me to identify my own area of interest. My experience in MALS continues to inform my academic career as I pursue a PhD in History.

Gabriel Tennen, MALS ’16
PhD Student in History
Stony Brook University

Maryam Ivette Parhizkar
MALS was a great option because I was able to explore multiple interests right away, without necessarily having to commit to a rigid discipline. I realize how beneficial my specific MALS experience was––I was able to do my research while continuing my day-to-day work. Even when I finished my courses, I attended so many amazing events at the Graduate Center that further formed my interests. My time at the GC also became a critical analog to the creative work that I developed as a musician and poet. I learned that I could be a critical thinker, artist and a person in the world all at once––and that all those things could beautifully inform each other.

Maryam Ivette Parhizkar, MALS ’15
PhD Student in American Studies and African American Studies
Yale University


Charles Rowe
Being in the MALS program convinced me I was capable of pursuing a Ph.D. in English Literature. I was recently accepted into the Graduate Center’s Ph.D. program in English Literature program and will begin attending this fall.

Charles Rowe, MALS ’13
Adjunct Faculty
Bronx Community College/College Now


Alycia Sellie
Librarianship is an interdisciplinary profession, and the Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies program (MALS) is wonderfully flexible; it allows one to pursue scholarship a variety of disciplines. My work in MALS has been a great complement to my academic work in the library, and has provided the opportunity for me to experiment and explore across departments and with inspiring Grad Center faculty.

Alycia Sellie, MALS ’13
Media and Cultural Studies Librarian
Brooklyn College Library



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