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Spring 2018 Entering Students

Welcome new MALS students!

Please visit the following page with important information for newly admitted students. 

Key Dates

Wednesday, January 17
Registration begins.

Saturday, January 27
First day of classes.

Friday, February 2
Last day to register for classes.

Friday, February 16
Last day to drop classes without a W appearing on the student transcript

Monday, April 16 
Last day to drop a class with an unevaluated withdrawal (a grade of "W")


Provided that you have completed all registration requirements, you should be able to register for classes through the student web on January 17 beginning at 9:30 am. 

All students are required to be in status each term. This means that students must either be registered or be on an approved Leave of Absence.

Helpful Registration Links:


Registration Overrides 

If you find that a course offered by another department is closed or has restrictions, you can get in touch with the instructor for permission to enroll. Once you’ve got the instructor’s permission, you should arrange for a “registration override” by emailing the Assistant Program Officer of the department offering the course. Here’s a link to the doctoral programs.

Registering for English and Comparative Literature Courses

Please note that the English and Comparative Literature departments offer a 2-credit option for all of their courses. This option is only available to students enrolled in the Ph.D. program in English or Comparative Literature; MALS students should choose the 4-credit option when registering for English or Comparative Literature courses. When registering for variable credit courses, the registration will be processed automatically for the lowest credit value available. You may change this credit value by clicking on the credit number in the registration screen. 

The Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies Course

Students are expected to take the "Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies" class during their first semester in the program – though students entering with a Master’s degree are exempted from this requirement. We encourage students to take this class during their first semester in the program.

If you have a master’s degree, you are exempted from the introductory course requirement. You may take an elective course instead in order to complete the required 30 credits.

MALS Core Courses

Students are encouraged to take the first core course for their track during their first semester in the program. If you do not take the core courses when they are offered, you may miss them in case they are not offered next year, and this may delay the completion of your degree down the line. In some cases, MALS core courses will be cross-listed with other programs. Students who would like to have these courses satisfy the core course requirement for their chosen track must register for the MALS course number. Core courses in the following tracks will not be offered in Spring 2018: Law and Society, New York Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Sustainability Science and Education.

Transfer Credit

The Liberal Studies Program will accept a maximum of 12 credits earned in another graduate program toward the 30 credits required for the M.A. Please send the following form to the Assistant Program Officer, Kathy Koutsis ( Your request will be reviewed by the Executive Officer of the program.

General Information About the Program

Please read about our general program requirements: Students start off by taking MALS 70000, “Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies,” and the first of two core courses in a single track. The two core courses should be taken during the student's first year in the program if both courses are offered. In addition, students select 18 credits of their choice from courses offered by the doctoral and interdisciplinary programs at the CUNY Graduate Center.
The Registrar’s website includes links to the academic calendar, dynamic course schedule, and downloadable forms.
The Graduate Center will get in touch with information about network/email accounts, library accounts, photo IDs, etc.

Federal Aid Information
A few key points: Students must be registered for at least 6 credits to receive federal aid (Perkins, work study, Stafford and Graduate PLUS). The amount of federal aid a student is eligible for is based on the number of credits the student registers for, a standardized cost of living amount, and the student’s financial need.  If a student drops from 9 to 6 credits, their aid eligibility decreases by the cost of those three credits. If a student drops from 6 to 3 credits, all of their federal aid would be cancelled.
If a student completely withdraws from all classes prior to the 60% point of the the policy on our website comes into effect. The 60% point is also when students who completely withdraw are entitled to keep their loans.  Any student who completely withdraws from their classes will give up any remaining work study eligibility.
For detailed information, visit  

MALS Student Association 

All MALS students are automatically members of the Student Association, which provides funding for student events and communicates student concerns and needs to the Program's Executive Officer and Deputy Executive Officer. The MALS SA announces our events and meetings in the MALS Student Group of the CUNY Academic Commons; be sure to look out for information on our events, along with other ways to get involved in planning events, screenings, discussions, workshops, etc. Being active in the SA ensures that you have a say in your experience of the program, and it can provide a sense of community even as we disperse into our different course tracks and degree paths. 

MALS Student Group

This is a MALS student-only group based on the Academic Commons.  It is our hope that we can use this forum to build a stronger MALS student community. With this space, we would be better able to support one another, share our ideas and experiences, post possible courses of interest, and raise any questions or concerns we might have. 

  •  In order to join the group you will first need a valid GC e-mail account. You will be assigned a GC e-mail account 3-5 days after you register for courses. Use that e-mail to create an account on the CUNY Academic Commons.
  •  Once you're registered, visit the MALS Student Group and join the group.


Need to Contact Us?

The MALS Office is located on the 4th Floor of the Graduate Center. Queries about the MALS program may be addressed to the following:

M.A. Program in Liberal Studies
The Graduate Center

365 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4108

New York, NY 10016–4309

Tel: 212-817-8480


Acting Executive Officer
Dr. Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis

Acting Deputy Executive Officer
Dr. Karen Miller

Assistant Program Officer
Katherine Koutsis