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Master’s Program in Middle Eastern Studies

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Congratulations MAMES Class of 2020!

ألف مبروك

Student Awards

Outstanding Student Award: Onur Muftugil

Best Thesis Award: Elsa Saade

Best Capstone Project Award: Edin Djonovic.

Graduating Students

February 2020

Walaa Al-Ghussein, “Mandated to Report: The Role of The Nationalist Press in Reporting Zionist Land Expropriation and Labour Conquest in Palestine During the 1930s,” (MA Thesis, Advisor Professor Davis)

Caterina Chiodi, “The Psychology Behind Terrorism: An Annotated Bibliography,” (Capstone Project, Advisor Professor Alessandrini)

June 2020

 Evan Finnerty, “An Analysis of Queerness, Gender, and Nationalism in the Music of Mashrou’ Leila,” (Capstone Project, Advisor Professor Alessandrini)

Emma Handte, “Did the Muslim Ban Cause Islamophobia? Institutional Versus Individual Prejudice,” (MA Thesis, Advisor Professor Bilici)

Gianna Meier, “The Truman Administration and Zionist Legitimation Strategies to Achieve Statehood,” (MA Thesis, Advisor by Professor Davis)

Elizabeth Miller, “An Analysis of Women and Terrorism: Perpetrators, Victims, Both?” (MA Thesis, Advisor Professor Akasoy)

Onur Fevzi Muftugil, “Closing the Chasm: Al-Farabi on Islam and Politics,” (MA Thesis, Advisor Professor Akasoy)

Aisha Raheel, “The Piety Movement in an American Suburb: The Experiences of Women of the Islamic Circle of North America on Staten Island,” (MA Thesis, Advisor Professor Bilici)

Elsa Saade, “Paper House: The Revolution, The Disappeared and the Historicity of Lebanon,” (MA Thesis, Advisor Professor Haj)

Rabia Sirin, “Turkestan in New York: A Look into Central Asian Immigrant Experience,” (Capstone Project, Advisor Professor Alessandrini)

Zahra Syed, “Devotional Literature of the Prophet Muhammad in South Asia,” (MA Thesis, Advisor Professor Richardson)

Chandra Whalen, “ Legal Authority, State, and Economic Development in Oman,” (MA Thesis, Advisor Professor Davis)