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M.S. Program in Nanoscience


Nanoscience is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on understanding the chemical and physical properties of objects at the nanoscale and their unique emergent properties. It simultaneously draws upon the concepts found in chemistry, physics, biology, materials science, and engineering, and consequently serves as an interdisciplinary nexus in science. The Graduate Center is one of the few schools to offer this type of degree.

Prospective Students

The M.S. Program in Nanoscience is ideal for students who want to enter the workforce in nanoscience and its related energy, biomedical, electronics, telecommunications, and materials science fields, as well as for students who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in preparation for doctoral programs in chemistry, physics or materials science.
This program offers students unique opportunities to conduct leading edge research in the field at one of 10 CUNY campuses. By taking advantage of the superb nanoscience infrastructure at the Advanced Science Research Center at The Graduate Center, CUNY (CUNY ASRC),  which includes state-of-the-art laboratories, research facilities, and a 5,000 square-foot nanofabrication facility, students in this program will be well positioned for employment in the multitude of rapidly expanding career opportunities that draw on the field of nanoscience, including the electronics/semiconductor, textile, medical diagnostics, and energy industries, as well as the fields of biotechnology, food science, forensics, the environment, and national security. Graduates will also be well positioned to secure admission to competitive doctoral programs.

More specifically, the M.S. Program in Nanoscience:  

  • Provides students with an opportunity to gain essential coursework and research experience in the key disciplines, methodologies, theories, and concepts of nanoscience, an interdisciplinary field impacting the biomedical, electronics, photonics, telecommunications, and energy fields.

  • Prepares students to enter the expanding nanoscience workforce and/or gain admittance to doctoral programs in fields encompassed by nanoscience, including chemistry, physics, materials science, engineering, and biomedicine.

  • Offers students innovative courses in nanofabrication, nanoscale imaging, and surface analysis using the nanofabrication facility at the CUNY ASRC. This hands-on laboratory experience is a unique opportunity to prepare for the global workforce and for graduate research.

  • Provides a distinct, interdisciplinary, stand-alone master’s degree which is not an en route or terminal master’s degree for the current Ph.D. programs in chemistry and physics.

  • Provides students with abundant opportunities for cutting-edge graduate research across CUNY.

  Watch a speech of former Director Prof. Brian Gibney about the M.S. in Nanoscience from the October 10,  
  2019 Open House for Master's Programs at The Graduate Center CUNY:


Affordable Tuition

As a public institution, The Graduate Centers offers an exceptional program at a fraction of the cost of other universities.

30 Credits

The 30-credit curriculum can be completed in either full- or part-time schedules.



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