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A Philosopher's City

In a city hailed by The New York Times as a “philosophical capital,” pursue an extensive, integrated course of study drawing from a wide range of philosophical traditions in an established, long-running M.A. program taught by an internationally renowned doctoral faculty in Philosophy.
Coursework can include metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, history of philosophy (ancient, medieval, modern), philosophy of biology, ethics, social and political philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of race and gender, contemporary European philosophy, and Eastern philosophy.
You will learn from award-winning and distinguished faculty from throughout CUNY, with doctoral students as your peers and classmates.
Our students engage with the work of three renowned research centers closely affiliated with the program, including the Saul Kripke Center, the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Center for Global Ethics and Politics, through regular seminars, visiting speakers, and conferences, in addition to weekly meetings for targeted research groups.
Our graduates are well prepared for further study in doctoral programs or law schools, and for a range of careers that emphasize the ability to think, judge, and reason.

Aesthetics and Art Theory

We welcome students with backgrounds in other disciplines, such as the visual and performing arts, who seek strong foundations in art theory and aesthetics. We offer courses in aesthetics, the philosophy of art, and related theoretical approaches in the psychology, history, and politics of art. Renowned faculty specialists include Noël Carroll, Jonathan Gilmore, Nickolas Pappas, Jesse Prinz, Thomas Teufel, and Catherine Wilson. Elective courses may be taken for credit, with approval, in many other related disciplines at the Graduate Center. CUNY students have access, with free or reduced admission fees, to New York City's extraordinarily rich range of cultural institutions, museums, galleries, performance sites, and public events and exhibitions. In the heart of New York City, the Graduate Center is the ideal place to engage with artistic practice and theory together.

Advanced Certificate in the Philosophy of Art

In addition to the standard master’s degree, the Program offers an Advanced Certificate in Philosophy of Art. Students pursuing this Certificate en route to completing their MA take four Philosophy courses in aesthetics/philosophy of art and two courses in an arts program (e.g. Music, Theatre, Art History). With the right selection of courses, and in consultation with the Executive Officer, students can complete the Certificate within the normal time of completion for the standard MA.


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