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Fall 2021 Course Offerings

Core Courses

Required QMSS Classes Course Title Instructor Schedule
SOC 71500* Sociological Statistics I Paul Attewell Monday 4:15-6:15pm
QMSS 81000 Quantitative Research Methods Jeremy Porter Monday 6:30-8:30pm
QMSS 79000 Capstone Jeremy Porter Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm

*Students may choose to take the Statistics I course from the Educational Psychology program (EPSY 70500) or from the Sociology program, depending on their particular interests.

Elective Courses

The courses below are suggested Methods/Stats electives. QMSS students are allowed to take any electives from the GC, and larger CUNY system, as long as it is a master's level class or higher and you believe that it aligns with your research interests.  
Dept No Subject Instructor Days and Times
QMSS 75000 Advanced Methods of Demographic Analysis  Xu, H M 9:30-11:30
QMSS 75000 Spatial Demography Balk, D Th 4:15-6:15
ECO 82100 Econometrics I Baek, Seungho
(Instructor approval required)
Th 11:00-2:00
EPSY 70500 Staistical and Computer Programming I Rindskopf, D W 4:15-8:30
EPSY 84200 Hierarchical Linear Models Wang, W M 2:00-4:00
EPSY 83300 General Linear Model Verkuilen, J M 4:15-6:15
EPSY 88000 Multivariate Analysis Verkuilen, J Th 4:15-6:15
EPSY 73100 Evaluation Research Marlus, K W 6:30-8:30
SOC 71500 Sociological Statistics I Atewell, P M 4:15-6:15
SOC 85902 Social Policy and Socio-Economic Outcomes in Industrialized Countries Gornick, J Tu 4:15-6:15
SOC 82301 Computer Mapping for Los Angeles, New York, & Global Cities Halle, D W 6:30-8:30
UED 74100 Quantitative Research Methods in Urban Education Battle, J Tu 4:15-6:15
IDS  81620 Scholarly Praxis at Work in the World Hartman, S
(Instructor approval required)
Th 2:00-4:00


Prof. Paul Attewell-
Soc. 71500: Sociological Statistics I
Mondays, 4:15-6:15pm, 3 credits

This is a first course about quantitative methods for social scientists. It presumes no previous coursework, so it is suitable for beginners. However, since most QMSS Masters students do have some background already, the course will move fairly quickly from basic to more advanced topics and go as far into the latter as time and the semester permit. The main focus will be on quantitative methods as tools for interrogating data, rather than on the mathematical or statistical underpinnings. Considerable emphasis will be placed on understanding what statistical tools to use in what contexts, and how to interpret results and how to reconfirm/test findings.

The software we will use is STATA. The class’ format, held in a computer classroom, will be a mix of lecture, demonstrations and student in-class exercises, so that students will have hands-on use of each statistical procedure as well as a theoretical understanding. Students will develop fluency in basic data management as well as in methods of analysis, using STATA.‚Äč

Prof. Jeremy Porter-
QMSS. 81000: Quantitative Research Methods 
Mondays, 6:30-8:30pm, 3 credits

This course will cover issues pertaining to the applied research process in the collection, management, and analysis of quantitative data. Methods covered are intended to give students experience with a broad array of specific quantitative methods and a directed focus on the perspectives that underlie the application of such methods. The explicit goal of the course is to give students the foundational tools necessary to do high quality quantitative research in applied and academic settings. A sample of topics covered include; the science of science, the politics and ethics of research, developing novel research ideas, item measurement, instrumentation, sampling, understanding statistical inference, and a wide variety of topics associated with the collection, management, and analysis of quantitative data.