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Language Reading Program

The mission of the Language Reading Program is to teach students from CUNY, other schools, and all walks of life to read texts in languages other than English, and to translate them into idiomatic English, so students can meet their graduate program requirements and satisfy their desire for personal or professional development.   Most students require two semesters to become competent.  Course content is focused on grammar, syntax, and vocabulary acquisition such that students can read scholarly texts with the aid of reference materials in a reasonable amount of time.  We also introduce students to authors and texts relevant to their studies.  

In the Level I courses, grammar and syntax are covered intensively in order to rapidly proceed to the translation of scholarly texts. Level II focuses on translating scholarly texts; grammar and syntax are reviewed as needed. In both levels, the texts used during the semester reflect the specific disciplines of students in the class and the final exam is a text in the student's discipline.

In Fall, we generally offer French Level I and II; German Level I & II, and Latin Level I.  There are 24 2-hour sessions.

In Spring, we generally offer French Level I and II; German Level I & II,  Spanish Level I, and Latin Level I. There are 24 2-hour sessions.

In Summer, we generally offer French Level I (two sections) and Level II (one section); German Level I (two sections) & Level II (one section);  Spanish Level I, Italian Level I, Latin Level I, and Ancient Greek Level I.  There are 18 2-hour 40 minute sessions.  We also run a German Combined Level I/ Level II course for Art History students.  The Level I component of this course takes place with the first Level I section; the Level II component begins after Level I ends, and has 12 4-hour sessions.

Registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.  More rarely, some classes that are initially offered are withdrawn due to insufficient registration.