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French Level I, Spanish Level I & II, Italian Level I:
Ro Diamond is a Ph.D. student in Art History at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Robert, who has an M.A. in Art History and a B.A. in French, has acquired various levels of proficiency in several foreign languages. He has studied and traveled extensively in Europe, where he received his TEFL certification. Back in the U.S., he taught ESL for five years as an adjunct at Capital Community College in Hartford, as well as other adult education programs. He teaches Art History throughout the CUNY system and,  "is a most valued faculty member of the Language Reading Program."

French Level I & II, French Level II: featuring the translation of original texts by media artists:
Stéphanie C. Jeanjean, a French native, is an art historian and curator. She graduated from Bourgogne University in Dijon and completed a Ph.D. at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York.  Her recent work addresses the relationship between the viewer and the screen and the institutionalization of video art and the projected image.  As a specialist of contemporary France, she has worked on translating and subtitling in English rare early French video materials and documents.  Her recent publications have appeared in Hilary Robinson ed. (2015), Feminism-Art-Theory, by Wiley & Blackwell Editions, Oxford (UK) and in François Bovier and Adeena Mey eds. (2016), Exhibited Cinema an Anthology, by ECAL and JRP-Ringier Editions, Lausanne and Zurich (Switzerland). "Besides Stephanie's passion for her classes and on-going publications, she is devoted to her four beautiful animals, two cats and two dogs."

German Level I and II, sections a and b; Level II for Art Historians. Coordinator of the Language Reading Program.
Diana Toman, a native German speaker, whose studies and training have been both in the sciences (Theoretical Physics, Princeton) and the humanities (Comparative Literature, Philosophy and Clinical Psychology (Fordham and Columbia Universities) has taught Comparative Literature, Biometrics (NYU Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital) as well as all aspects of German. "The German language: a tiny puddle of order within an otherwise chaotic universe."

Latin  Level I and II, Neo-Latin Workshop:
Latin Level I, section a:
Nathan Oglesby
is a PhD student in Classics at the Graduate Center. He's currently working on his dissertation, which is about the reception of Plato by the philosopher A. N. Whitehead. He also teaches Latin and Ancient Greek at Hunter College. When he's not doing those things, he composes and performs music under the moniker Sir Kn8. He prefers his gin with soda rather than tonic, and is, "skeptical of there ultimately being a sharp distinction between the physical and psychical dimensions of experience." 

Spanish Level I:
Carmen Avena was educated in Spain, the Philippines, and the United States. She has taught in the leading universities in Manila, in the Foreign Language Institute, and in private secondary schools, and was a member of the faculty of the Academy of St. Aloysius. She has been with the Language Reading Program for decades and for Carmen, "Teaching has always been more of a calling than a vocation."

Updated August 16, 2017