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The faculty listed here teach at various times through the course of the year.  The list may be altered at the discretion of the Language Reading Program depending upon enrollment patterns and program needs and goals.

For Spring 2015:

French Level I:  
Isabelle Lapin, a native French speaker, pursued a Ph.D. in economics at the Sorbonne in Paris and earned a Master in Nutrition and Food studies from NYU. Later she became a French pastry chef and an instructor in cooking and baking.  Throughout her career, she has taught French, math and English as a second language at all levels.

French Level II:
Stéphanie Jeanjean is a native French speaker with a  Ph.D. in Art History from the CUNY Graduate Center, specializing in contemporary France, early French video and new media art.  She worked for the French publisher Les presses du réel and is currently Acquisition Editor for EPCAF (European Postwar and Contemporary Art Forum) book series with AC Books, in New York.  Recently she has worked on translating and subtitling in English rare texts and early French video materials. 

German Level I and II:  
Diana Toman, a native German speaker, whose training has been both in the sciences (Princeton) and the humanities (Fordham University) received her degrees from Fordham University (Psychology and Comparative Literature) and has taught Comparative Literature as well as all levels of German (throughout the CUNY system and Jewish Theological Seminary).  Diana is also the Program Coordinator for the Language Reading Program.

Italian Level II:
Robert Diamond is a PhD student in Art History at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Robert, who has an M.A. in Art History and a B.A. in French, has acquired various levels of proficiency in several foreign languages. He has studied and traveled extensively in Europe, where he received his TEFL certification. Back in the U.S., he taught ESL for 5 years as an adjunct at Capital Community College in Hartford, as well as other adult education programs.

Latin  Level I and II:
Nathan Oglesby is a PhD student in Classics at The Graduate Center, CUNY. He is also an adjunct lecturer at City College and Hunter College, where he has taught Latin, Greek and Latin Roots of English and Classical Mythology. He is happy to be part of the CUNY Graduate Center Language Reading Program.

Latin Level I (night section):
Nicholas Imbornone is an adjunct instructor of Classics at St. John's University's Languages and Literature Department at Queens College. He obtained his BA and MA in history at the College of Staten Island, CUNY. Expanding upon his master's thesis, he is currently researching the nature of the Roman Empire's influence and policies with regards to its northwestern frontier in Thule (Iceland and the Shetland Islands), the Orcades (the Orkney Islands), Caledonia (Scotland), and Hibernia (Ireland), using primary-source and secondary-source evidence in multiple languages, including Latin, ancient Greek, Italian, Primitive and Old Irish, Gaelic, and Icelandic.

Spanish Level I:
CARMEN AVENA was formally educated in Spain, the Philippines, and the United States. She has taught in the leading universities in Manila, in the Foreign Language Institute, and in private secondary schools, and was a member of the faculty of the Academy of St. Aloysius.

Spanish Level II:
Robert Diamond
(see bio above)

Last updated January 20, 2015