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The LRP is part of CUNY's "Continuing Education" system, and payments and registrations are not handled like they are for other classes.  Please be aware of the following:

* The program does not accept 'audits', even if you do not take the course to pass an exam, you are responsible for paying tuition.

* Payment is required in order to be registered

Classes fill up quickly sometimes, and registration is first come, first served.  If the LRP has not received your payment, you are not enrolled in a course. 

* Payment method

Payment is by check or money order. (Sorry, we do not take credit cards, bitcoin, etc)

On the check or money order itself:
**Make out the check to "CUNY Graduate Center."  
**Make sure the student's name and the course are written somewhere on the check or money order

* Delivering the payment

You must mail or bring your check directly to the LRP.  Do not bring your check to the Bursar's office.  You may mail your check or money order to the following address:

CUNY Graduate Center
Language Reading Program, Room 4414
365 5th Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10016

If you wish to bring your tuition payment in person, please email for an appointment:

* Payment amount

There are different tuitions for students currently in (or accepted into) a credit-bearing degree program at any college of the City University of New York and for those who are not. 

Tuition table
  CUNY students Non-CUNY students
Single course $275 $795
Two courses of any language $550 $1400

* CUNY students
Tuition for students currently in, or accepted into, a credit-bearing degree program at any college of CUNY: 
** $275 per course.
** $550 for two courses of any level or any language

CUNY students must provide proof that they are CUNY students.  Any of the following are fine:
a] A copy of a current CUNY ID-card (a black & white copy is fine). All ID-cards from colleges in the CUNY system are valid for this purpose.
b] A dated copy of the paid bursar's bill.
c] A letter or email notification from the student's department stating that the student is in, or accepted into, a degree program.

* People who are not CUNY students
Tuition for those not currently in, or accepted into, a credit-bearing degree program at any college of CUNY:
** $795 per course.
** $1400 for two courses of any level of language.

* Refund Policy

  • Withdrawal before the first meeting of class: 100% 

  • Withdrawal between the first and second meetings of class: 50%

There is no refund after the second meeting of the class.

Notice of withdrawal must be put in writing and emailed if a refund is requested.

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