GC Grants: June 2010–March 2011

From June 2010 through March 2011, the Graduate Center received eighty-two grants totaling $6,211,832. The name/s of the principal investigator/s, awarding agency, the name of the project, and the amount of each award of $5,000 or over are listed below. This information was submitted by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Richard Alba (Sociology), University at Albany, “The Social Contexts of Children of Immigrants in the U.S.,” $37,392.
Carlos Arreche
(Mathematics), National Science Foundation (NSF), “NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program,” $40,500.
Talal Asad, Ana Maria Vinea
(Anthropology), NSF, “Doctoral Dissertation Research—Between the Psyche and the Soul: Mental Disorders, Quranic Healing, and Psychiatry in Contemporary Egypt,” $19,901.
Paul Attewell
(Center for Advanced Study in Education (CASE)), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, “The Role of Academic Momentum in Retention and Degree Completion,” $1,367,795.
Beth Baron (Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center), U.S. Department of Education, “Broadening the Boundaries of Middle Eastern Studies at CUNY,” $88,996.
Michael Blim, Yunus Dogan Telliel (Anthropology), NSF, “Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: Vernacular Islam and Muslim Citizens: Religious Language Reforms in Secular Turkey,” $16,500.
Sarah Chinn (Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS)), Arcus Foundation, “In Amerika They Call Us Dykes: Lesbian Lives in the 1970s,” $30,000.
Andrew J. Dugmore (Anthropology), NSF, “RAPID: Environmental and Social Impacts of the 2010 Eyjafjallajokull Eruption,” $27,720.
Linnea Ehri (CASE), Reading Reform Foundation, “Analysis of the Reading Reform Foundation’s Student and Teacher Databases to Assess Program Effectiveness,” $26,000.
Kenneth Erickson, Leonard Markovitz (Political Science), Q Corporation/Comparative Politics, “Journal of Comparative Politics,” $38,565.
Michelle Fine (Center for Human Environments), What Kids Can Do, Inc., “Technical Assistance for Two Participatory Action Research Projects,” $21,000; Public Welfare Foundation, “Polling for Community Justice,” $25,000; New York Community Trust, “Student Success Centers,” $200,000; El Puente, “Evaluation of El Puente’s AWAKE Project,” $30,000; New York State Senate, “Homebase/Student Success Centers,” $100,000; Brooklyn Community Foundation, “Youth Leadership in Student Success Centers,” $20,000.
Bert Flugman, Alan Gross (CASE), Union College, “Evaluation of Pathways to Revitalized Undergraduate Computing Education,” $40,000.
Bert Flugman, Howard Everson (CASE), New Mexico Advanced Placement Initiative, Inc., “AP Performance in New Mexico,” $31,050.
Keville Frederickson (Doctor of Nursing Science Program (DNS)), Department of Health and Human Services, HRSA, “Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship: CUNY DNS,” $19,214.
Sarit Golub, William Kowalczyk (Psychology/Social Personality), NIDA, “Neuropsychological Functioning in HIV Positive and Methamphetamine Using Men,” $26,232.
Janet Gornick (Luxembourg Income Study Center), Luxembourg Income Study, Luxembourg, “Support for Luxembourg Income Study,” $22,443; NSF, “U.S. Participation in the Development of a Transnational Database: The Luxembourg Income Study, 2010–14,” $607,500.
Roger Hart (Center for Human Environments), Bernard van Leer Foundation, “Child Friendly Cities and Communities Research Initiative,” $122,762; U.S. Fund for UNICEF, “Child and Youth Friendly Cities—NYC,” $15,000; U.S. Fund for UNICEF, “Child Friendly Cities Project,” $29,044.
David Harvey, Preeti Sampat (Anthropology), NSF, “Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant: Right to Land and the Rule of Law: The Exceptional Case of Special Economic Zones in India,” $19,226.
Deborah Hecht, Bert Flugman (CASE), Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), “Promoting Health Prevention,” $338,407.
Joseph Hirsh (Mathematics), NSF, “NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program,” $40,500.
Bruce Homer (Educational Psychology/CASE), New York University, “Molecules and Minds: Simulations for Chemistry Education,” $65,555.
Yehuda Klein (Earth and Environmental Sciences), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/NYSERDA, “Long-term Energy and Emissions Savings Potential in New York City Buildings,” $50,000.
Daniel Kulakowski (Biology), NSF, “NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program,” $40,500.
Glenis Long (Speech–Language–Hearing Sciences), Naval Sub Med Research Lab, “Effects of Cerumen on OAE Evaluation,” $52,289.
Ryan Mann-Hamilton (Anthropology), NSF, “NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program,” $40,500.
John Mollenkopf (Center for Urban Research), New York City Department of Homeless Services, “Home Base Homelessness: Prevention Evaluation,” $110,140; New York State Department of Labor, “Recovery Act—State Labor Market Information Improvement Grants,” $134,000; New York City Economic Development Corporation, “NYC Labor Market Information Program,” $115,000.
Ricardo Otheguy, Gita Martohardjono (Linguistics), CUNY Collaborative Incentive Research Grant Program, “Mastery of Specific Syntactic Structures as Predictors of Developing Literacy in Bilinguals,” $18,850.
Anthony Picciano (Urban Education), Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, “Study of the History and Impact of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Anytime, Anyplace Learning Program. Update on Phase I and Proposal for Phase II.” $125,000.
Steven Romalewski, John Mollenkopf (Center for Urban Research) Hagedorn Foundation, “Mapping Demographic Change on Long Island,” $78,000; Rauch Foundation, “Long Island Index Interactive Map 2011,” $55,000; New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission, “Web-Based Habitat Map and Public Access Map and Information through OASIS,” $25,000.
Brian Schwartz (Physics), NSF, “Science as Performance: A Proactive Strategy to Communicate and Educate through Theater, Music, and Dance,” $76,000.
Gillian T. Small, Victor Strozak (CASE), NSF, “The CUNY Science Now GK–12 Program,” $598,972.
Gail Smith, Neville Parker, Brian Schwartz (Institutional), NSF, “Minority Access/Graduate Networking in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (MAGNET-STEM II),” $396,330.
Anna Stetsenko (Developmental Psychology), U.S. Department of Education/IES/NYU, “Case Studies for Kids: Teaching and Learning the Nature of Scientific Evidence in Elementary School,” $46,402.
Katherine Verdery, Saygun Gokariksel (Anthropology), NSF, “Doctoral Dissertation Research: Of Truths, Secrets and Loyalties: Politics of Purification of the State in Post-socialist Poland,” $16,781.
Thomas Weiss (Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies), United Nations Office at Geneva, “Ralph Bunche Program Fund,” $19,816; Open Society Institute, “Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (GCR2P),” $100,000; the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, “GCR2P” $75,550; Carnegie Corporation of New York, “GCR2P,” $164,000; Arsenault Family Foundation, “GCR2P,” $25,000; Permanent Mission of Denmark to the UN, “GCR2P,” $125,610.
Thomas Weiss, Monica Serrano (Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies), The Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, “GCR2P,” $78,995.
Kimberly Paige Young (Comparative Literature), U.S. Department of Education, “Jacob Javits Fellowship,” $37,454.

Submitted on: SEP 13, 2011

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