GC Grants: April–August 2011

From April through August 2011, the Graduate Center received thirty-eight grants totaling $3,059,900. The name(s) of the principal investigator(s), awarding agency, and project, and the amount of each award are listed below. This information was submitted by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Richard Alba, Jessica Sperling (Sociology), National Science Foundation (NSF), “Doctoral Dissertation Research: Social Context and Perceived Membership - A Comparative Study of Latin Americans in New York and Madrid,” $9,727.
Laird Bergad (Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies), Various, “Fellowships and Support for CLACLS,” $9,850.
Joshua Brown (Center for Media and Learning), American Social History Productions, Inc., “Center for Media and Learning,” $367,605.
Rodolfo Corchado (Anthropology), Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund, “Scholarship,” $3,000.
Linnea Ehri (Center For Advanced Study in Education (CASE)), Reading Reform Foundation, “Analysis of the Reading Reform Foundation's Student and Teacher Database to Assess Program Effectiveness,” $13,000.
Michelle Fine (Center for Human Environments), Deutsche Bank, “Homebase/Student Success Centers – SummerBridge,” $15,983.
Bert Flugman, Howard Everson (CASE), New Mexico Advanced Programs Initiative, Inc., “AP Performance in New Mexico,” $45,036.
Bert Flugman, Alan Gross (CASE), Union College, “Evaluation of Pathways to Revitalized Undergraduate Computing Education,” $40,000.
Bert Flugman, Barbara Schroder (CASE), The City College/NSF, “CLUSTER: Investigating a New Model Partnership for Teacher Preparation,” $25,001.
Keville Frederickson (Nursing), Department of Health and Human Services/HRSA, “Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship,” $21,988.
Roger Hart (Center for Human Environments), Redd Barn—Save the Children Norway, “The Article 15 Project,” $38,956.
Gabor Herman (Computer Science), NSF, “Computational Methods for Inverting the Soft X-Ray Transform,” $76,963.
Elaine Klein (Research Institute for the Study of Language in Urban Society (RISLUS), CASE), New York Community Trust, “Bridges to Academic Success: Accelerating Language, Literacy and Content Learning for Emergent Bilinguals with Limited Native Language Literacy,” $80,000.
Daniel Kulakowski (Biology), NSF, “NSF Graduate Research Fellowship,” $1,000.
Mary Clare Lennon (Center for Human Environments), Columbia University, “Services Research Innovations for Homeless Mentally Ill: Latent Group Trajectory Analysis,” $62,790.
Glenis Long (Speech–Language–Hearing Sciences), Naval Sub Med Research Lab, “Effects of Cerumen on OAE evaluation,” $72,294.
Ryan Mann-Hamilton (Anthropology), NSF, “NSF Graduate Research Fellowship,” $1,000.
Gregory O'Mullan, Brian Brigham (Earth and Environmental Sciences), U.S. Department of Commerce, “National Estuarine Research Reserve Graduate Research Fellowship Program,” $20,000.
Sophia Perdikaris et al. (Human Ecodynamics Research Center), NSF, “RCN - SEES Global Long-term Human Ecodynamic Research Coordination Network: Assessing Sustainability on the Millennial Scale,” $498,885.
David Rindskopf (Educational Psychology/CASE), University of California, Merced, “A d-estimator for single-case designs,” $101,936.
Donald Robotham, Chris Grove (Anthropology), National Science Foundation (NSF), “Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: Common Sense Disrupted? Elkhart, Indiana, as Battleground and Bellwether,” $19,915.
Steven Romalewski, John Mollenkopf (Center for Urban Research), U.S. Forest Service, “Partnership to Develop Mapping Applications and Interactive Online Databases for the Forest Service Northern Research Station, New York City Urban Field Station,” $20,000; various, “New Yorkers for Parks Natural Areas OASIS Project,” $1,500.
Brian Schwartz (Physics), NSF, “Science Facilities: Communicating STEM Research to the Public Through the Arts,” $149,999.
Alison Snow (Social Welfare), American Cancer Society, “Hypnosis for Treatment of Pain and Anxiety in Patients Receiving BMBX,”
Lucien Szpiro, Victor Kolyvagin, Kenneth Kramer (Mathematics), National Science Foundation (NSF), “Collaborative Research: EMSW-21-RTG: Joint Columbia-CUNY-NYU Research Training Group in Number Theory,” $177,970.
Suzanne Wasserman (Gotham Center for New York City History), The U.S. Department of Education, “Leadership in American History,” $182,103; “American Citizen,” $330,970; “American Dream Teaching American History,” $91,137; and Waynesburg University, “Remember Me to Herald Square,” $15,000.
Thomas Weiss (Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies), Various, “U.N. Intellectual History Project,” $78,684; Government of Netherlands, “Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.” $73,470.
Thomas Weiss, Mónica Serrano (Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies), Government of Australia, “Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect - Govt. of Australia,” $327,750; Government of Denmark, “Meeting of National Focal Points for the Responsibility to Protect,” $66,388.

Submitted on: SEP 23, 2011

Category: Grants