Faculty Book: Paul Oppenheimer

Paul Oppenheimer

Machiavelli: A Life Beyond Ideology
(Continuum, 2011)

Niccolò di Bernardo Machiavelli is one of the most fascinating figures of the Italian Renaissance. His adventurous life led him to notable heights as a diplomat and a reformer of the Florentine military who replaced mercenaries with a citizen militia. His fall, exile, and eventual rehabilitation followed as briskly as his rise. Unlike many innovative thinkers about politics, he developed his radical theories of treachery and social transformation in an atmosphere of violence. Based on his experience of government, his insights led to a shift from understanding statehood, war, and society as forms of finitude and stasis to those of process. All this unfolds in this compelling recreation of Machiavelli’s life as he actually lived it. Paul Oppenheimer (Prof., City) is on the doctoral faculty in comparative literature.

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Submitted on: JUL 31, 2012

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