Alumni News: Anthropology

Abou Ali Farman Farmaian (Anthropology, 2012), a visiting assistant professor of anthropology at Bard College, has published, under the pen name Abou Farman, Clerks of the Passage (Linda Leith Publishing, 2012), an intriguing meditation on migration over the centuries. He has won recognition as an artist, screenwriter, and producer, and has been the recipient of numerous grants, awards, and artist residencies, including a Guggenheim. 

Khaled Furani
(Anthropology, 2004), who teaches at Tel Aviv University in the departments of anthropology and sociology, has published his first book, Silencing the Sea: Secular Rhythms in Palestinian Poetry (Stanford University Press, 2012). Talal Asad (Dist. Prof., GC, Anthropology) called this scholarly study “a wonderful ethnography of contemporary Arabic poetry.”

Submitted on: OCT 16, 2012

Category: Anthropology