Faculty Book: John Waldman

John Waldman

Running Silver: Restoring Atlantic Rivers and Their Great Fish Migrations
(Lyons Press, 2013)
Atlantic coast rivers “ran silver” with schools of salmon, shad, and other fishes during early colonial times, the spawners pushing their way upstream to complete life cycles that once replenished marine fisheries along the Eastern Seaboard. Over the centuries these stocks were so stressed that virtually all are now severely depressed, with many extinct and some simply forgotten. Running Silver is an important and fascinating look at the fish whose history, life cycles, and conservation challenges are so poorly understood. Drawing on the author’s thirty-year career as scientist and educator, the book tells the story of the past, present, and future of these sea-river fish through research, historical accounts, personal anecdotes, interviews, and images. John Waldman (Prof., Queens) serves on the doctoral faculty in biology and earth and environmental sciences.

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Submitted on: DEC 4, 2013

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