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Jucovy book coverLinda Jucovy (English, 1976), using meticulous research, brings to life the real Calamity Jane against the background of America’s nineteenth-century culture and westward expansion in Searching for Calamity: The Life and Times of Calamity Jane (Stampede Books, 2012). “She may have struggled all her life—with alcoholism, poverty, and a restlessness that kept her moving from town to town—but she lived as she chose to, which is something few women had the boldness to do,” says Jucovy.

McMahon book coverJennifer M. McMahon (English, 2000), currently serving as honorary assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong, has been honored with the National Book Award for Literary Criticism in the Philippines for her book Dead Stars: American and Philippine Literary Perspectives on the American Colonization of the Philippines (University of the Philippines Press, 2011; University of Hawaii Press, 2012).

Submitted on: FEB 27, 2013

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