Lev Manovich Shaping the Future of Design

Lev ManovichLev Manovich, professor of computer science at the Graduate Center, has been named one of Complex Magazine's 25 People Shaping the Future of Design.

Manovich is No. 2 among the top twenty-five creatives who are producing "works in a future-minded manner, pioneering a new frontier in the world of design." The list includes many famous contemporary designers and architects, such as Jonathan Ive (No. 3), senior vice president of design at Apple, Inc., and Zaha Hadid (No. 23), who is known for her futuristic designs.

Manovich is noted as a "prolific theorist" who founded the Software Studies Initiative at Calit2 in 2007 and expanded the initiative to include CUNY in 2013. He is best known for The Language of New Media (MIT, 2001), which contextualized new media within the historical framework and conventions of old media.

Submitted on: NOV 4, 2013

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