Meena Alexander Featured in New Video and Q&A

Distinguished Professor Meena Alexander (GC/Hunter, English) was recently featured in a Statesman Q&A that introduced her as “undoubtedly one of the finest poets in contemporary times.”

The article — which borrows a quote from Alexander as its title: “Writing a Poem Is Itself an Act of Hope” — explored her take on the relevance of poetry in the U.S. and her native India, as well as her beginnings as a poet.

Alexander, whose interests include poetics, transnational migration, trauma, and memory, has published numerous volumes of poetry, memoir, and criticism. In 2002, she received the PEN Open Book Award for her book Illiterate Heart.

Her latest book, Atmospheric Embroidery (Hachette India), was published in June.

“In the U.S. there are indeed many streams of poetry, all the way from hip hop and rap and spoken word, to the kinds of poem that are prized in the academy,” Alexander told The Statesman, one of India’s most widely read English newspapers. “It does flourish here, even though there is no money in it, but perhaps that too is its strength.”

CUNY TV also profiled Alexander in a recent video segment.

Submitted on: AUG 31, 2015

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