GC Launches National Survey of LGBTQ and Gender Non-Conforming Youth

What's Your Issue logo/imageThe GC’s Public Science Project today announced the launch of a national survey of LGBTQ and Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) youth that promises to yield groundbreaking insight into a vastly unrecognized and underserved population.

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The survey, titled “What’s Your Issue?”, was designed by and for LGBTQ youth of color to access the struggles, dreams, and priorities of young people across gender, sexuality, race, class, and experiences of structural injustice. 

As one of the largest participatory surveys of its kind, the project seeks to use the data to reposition LGBTQ and GNC youth’s concerns at the center of a national conversation.
Specific topics included in the survey address community and political involvement, relationships, housing, education, employment, and general interests.

The survey will be distributed to 5,000 participating LGBTQ and GNC youth nationwide. Findings will be reported to the public in fall 2017, following a participatory data analysis with youth.

“For too long the story of queer youth lives has been told from the outside — from adults who think they know best,” said MarĂ­a Elena Torre, director and co-founder of the Public Science Project. “This study creates a space for LGBTQ and GNC to speak for themselves — to name the pressing personal and social issues as they see them and to ultimately share their vision of a just world for all youth.”

Concurrent with the survey, the Public Science Project will support local youth organizations to conduct participatory action research in "real time" on emerging trends. Participating organizations are located in New York City, Austin, San Francisco, New Orleans, Jackson, Tucson, Providence, Denver, Detroit, and Omaha.

Data from the survey and local projects will inform a “LGTBQ Youth Agenda for Change” to be shared with funders, community groups, activists, and policymakers —and help shape current and future legislation, according to the project.
A multi-generational National Advisory Board comprised of LGBTQ and GNC youth and adults from policy, research, advocacy, the arts, and the Public Science Project will advise the two-year project.
“It’s important to hear the voices of young people of color in the LGBTQ community especially when legal rules and policies are being made that impact our lives,” said Destiny DeJesus, a participant from New Jersey.
The “What’s Your Issue?” project awards raffle prizes to winning participants, distributing $7,500 in prizes to date to respondents of the survey, which is offered in both English and Spanish. Youth who are 14-24 years old are eligible to take the survey.
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Submitted on: DEC 10, 2015

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