Elizabeth Wissinger Comments on Diversity Gap in Fashion

Associate Professor Elizabeth Wissinger (GC/BMCC, M.A. in Liberal Studies) was cited in a recent article on the lack of diversity on fashion magazine covers and in runway shows.
The Business of Fashion article, “Between the Catwalk and the Consumer: Fashion’s Growing Diversity Gap,” explored the enduring lack of models of color, despite the increasing diversity among consumers of luxury fashion. The fastest-growing markets for luxury clothing are the Middle East and Africa, according to the article. 
However, luxury brands often emphasize their Western history, Wissinger told the magazine.

“It might be more [diverse] now, but that has not been the norm,” she said. Diversity “doesn’t resonate with the history and tradition of the brand, because that brand usually catered to elites who were not of color.”
Wissinger, who teaches in the MALS track in Fashion Studies, writes and speaks frequently on the topics of fashion, modeling, and technology. She is also the author of a new book about the industry, This Year’s Model: Fashion, Media, and the Making of Glamour.


Submitted on: NOV 6, 2015

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