Statement from CUNY Graduate Center President Chase F. Robinson on the Doctoral Students’ Council Resolution Supporting Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions

April 15, 2016:

Today, the CUNY Doctoral Students’ Council (DSC) voted to approve a resolution supporting a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. While the Graduate Center (GC) respects the rights of student organizations to express their views, it is important to clarify that this is not a resolution supported by the GC nor the university as a whole.

The Graduate Center is opposed to academic boycotts which “directly violate academic freedom” as expressed by the Association of American Universities earlier this year. We are committed to promoting unfettered academic exchange. We do this through vigorous discussion, scholarship, and public programming that advance new ideas and debate.

This position is consistent with the Graduate Center’s response to past resolutions on this topic. As I have noted before, and continue to assert: across the length of its history, the GC has fostered research collaborations and educational associations with scholars and universities from around the globe, including many fruitful connections with Israeli universities and scholarly organizations. We consider these partnerships as a vital part of our educational mission. 

Submitted on: APR 15, 2016

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