CLACLS and CNN Partner to Provide Exclusive Research on Latino Voters

CNN en Español and the GC’s Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies (CLACLS) today announced a major partnership to provide exclusive research on Latino voters in the U.S., who could play an instrumental role in electing the next president. 
CNN en Español will present CLACLS’s detailed monthly reports on its cable news network and on multiple digital platforms ahead of key caucus and primary election dates.

[See CNN coverage of the first report.]

The reports will be based on academic research generated by CLACLS’ Latino Data Project, which analyzes the Latino population of the United States and New York City metropolitan region using raw data from the U.S. Census Bureau and other government agencies. Latinos constitute the fastest-growing minority group in the U.S.
The Latino Data Project, the center’s flagship program, was established in 2003 by Distinguished Professor Laird W. Bergad (GC/Lehman, History), the founding and current CLACLS director.
"I am gratified that CLACLS has the opportunity to provide CNN en Español with data on the Latino electorate for the 2016 presidential election through our cobranding partnership," Professor Bergad said. "CNN has been the leading source of presidential election coverage for a very long time. In many ways this partnership was made possible by the hard work of over 100 Graduate Center Ph.D. candidates who have worked on the 65 reports released since 2003."
CNN en Español reaches Spanish-speaking audiences around the world, including 7.4 million U.S. households.

Read more about the partnership.

Submitted on: JAN 27, 2016

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