Two GC Faculty Awarded $516K Grant to Study Effects of Community Land Trusts

Professors Susan Saegert (Psychology/Earth and Environmental Sciences) and Mary Clare Lennon (Sociology/Public Health), along with two fellow researchers from Georgia State University, were recently awarded a $516,000 National Science Foundation grant to study the effects of community land trusts on low-income families.

In a community land trust, or CLT, a nonprofit trust owns the land upon which houses are built; prices for CLT homes are set at levels accessible to low-income buyers. This keeps prices for CLT housing low compared to private housing, prevents speculation, and can give stability to a struggling neighborhood.

The researchers are studying how community land trusts, or CLTs, affect residents’ economic security and sense of safety.

Mary Clare Lennon“We are so excited to have the opportunity to do the first large scale study of how homeowners’ lives are affected by CLT homeownership,” Saegert said. “Our pilot data indicated that in addition to benefitting from an increased sense of security and control, these low-income homeowners improved their household finances and increased their educational levels.”

These changes were particularly significant among female heads of households with children, almost all of whom were women of color, Saegert noted.

Submitted on: JUN 8, 2016

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