Heath Brown: How the Koch Brothers Hijacked the GOP

Professor Heath Brown (GC/John Jay, Criminal Justice) was recently interviewed in Salon about the outsized influemce of Republican billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, who have spent more than $400 million to influence politics.

and how they have exploited the political process to devastating effect.

The article explores the brothers’ strategy and goals, how the Republican party’s decline has helped presidential candidate Donald Trump, and whether the Tea Party is a grassroots movement or a corporate-donor movement, driven by the Koch brothers and other like-minded billionaires.
“The Tea Party is sort of a name that we call a certain dimension of a much longer tradition that goes back to maybe the 1940s or so,” Brown told Salon. “The Koch brothers, in some way, have entered into the Tea Party phenomenon in 2009, 2010, 2011. But they were around, funding groups that preceded the Tea Party, that supported the Tea Party and will last past when the Tea Party is no longer called the Tea Party.”
Brown is the author of The Tea Party Divided: The Hidden Diversity of a Maturing Movement and the forthcoming Pay-to-Play Politics: How Money Defines the American Democracy.

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Submitted on: MAR 1, 2016

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