'Why Sexism Is So Central to This Presidential Race': Alyson Cole

The 2016 campaign has become a “referendum on the continued dominant role of white men in society,” asserts Professor Alyson Cole (GC/Queens, Political Science) in a compelling new essay for Fortune.
Cole traces a quarter century of events — from the Clarence Thomas hearings to California’s “yes means yes” law — that have given rise to the likes of Trump, a candidate “determined to preserve the remnants of patriarchy.”
“He poses as the superhero who alone can remasculinize the nation by slaying our enemies from without — Mexican rapists who want our women, Islamic terrorists who want to destroy our freedom, and illegal aliens who want to take our jobs — and within — the politically correct elites who attempt to prevent red-blooded Americans from indulging in national pride,” Cole writes.
Trump’s masculine strength — as well as his nativism, xenophobia, racism, and misogyny — is founded on a deep sense of victimization, Cole adds.
“When Trump rages against the vast conspiracy colluding to bring him down— claiming last week, 'I am a victim' — he’s speaking for his primarily white, male supporters who presume that they too have been denied what they rightfully deserve by a system rigged to benefit everyone else.”
Cole’s research and teaching interests bridge political theory and American politics/culture. She serves as Executive Officer of the GC's Political Science program and is the author of The Cult of True Victimhood: From the War on Welfare to the War on Terror  (2007).
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Submitted on: OCT 19, 2016

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