Robert M. Haralick Receives King-Sun Fu Prize for Pattern Recognition

Distinguished Professor Robert M. Haralick (Computer Science) has been awarded the coveted King-Sun Fu Prize, the highest honor given to researchers in the subject of pattern recognition.
The biennial prize is awarded by the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR) to honor an outstanding technical contribution to the field. The award will be presented in Mexico at December’s International Conference on Pattern Recognition, a gathering attended by thousands of computer science researchers.

IAPR cited Haralick’s “contributions in image analysis including remote sensing, texture analysis, mathematical morphology, consistent labeling, and system performance evaluation.”

A prolific author, Haralick is a leader in the field of computer vision. His most recent research is in the area of machine learning, particularly in the manifold clustering of high dimensional data sets and the application of pattern recognition to mathematical combinatorial problems. He is currently working on the learning of knowledge and structure through relation decomposition.
Haralick, who is also the Executive Officer of the GC’s Ph.D. Program in Computer Science, began his career as one of the principal investigators of the NASA ERTS satellite data doing remote sensing image analysis. 

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for his work in computer vision and image processing and a Fellow of IAPR for his work in pattern recognition and image processing and for his service to the organization.

Submitted on: SEP 26, 2016

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