Paul Krugman Discusses Economic Policies on Bloomberg News

Distinguished Professor Paul Krugman (Economics) appeared this week on Bloomberg News to discuss topics including NAFTA, infrastructure spending, banking regulations, and Federal Reserve monetary policy.
On NAFTA, Krugman said: “I’m not going to claim that it was a great thing for workers on either side of the border, but it’s certainly not the demonic thing that some people portray it as.”
Bloomberg’s Kathleen Hays asked Krugman if there were any scenarios in which the Trump administration’s proposed fiscal policies might help the economy.
“Even a really badly constructed fiscal stimulus could be a good thing,” Krugman said. “There’s some case for that. Now infrastructure — there’s a tremendous case for it. But we don’t have any proposal, and the closest thing we had during the campaign was something that really would have generated almost no new infrastructure investment.”

Krugman is also a Nobel laureate, New York Times columnist, and core faculty member of the GC’s Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality.

Both Krugman and Hays will appear at a 2/21 conversation on economic policy, the first in the GC's "First 100 Days" series. 

Submitted on: FEB 17, 2017

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