Matt Gold Discusses Digital Humanities in Higher Ed

Press Coverage
Technology Is Changing the Way Institutions Approach Traditional Disciplines

Education Dive, 6.12.17

Tech tools and applications are increasingly ubiquitous in higher ed classrooms throughout the country. More students are drawn to distance learning, as well as certification courses in areas like cybersecurity that help students develop specific skills that further their professional careers. Beyond that, new forms of tech are also changing how educators can approach traditional disciplines, from the study of anatomy to the most traditional humanities courses. Matthew Gold, an associate professor of English and Digital Humanities at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York, has been working on building institutional frameworks to support DH development for the past several years. By working in graduate programs, he wanted to prepare the next generation of professors to naturally integrate digital tools. He described a “Digital Practice Program” established four years ago to introduce students to DH concepts and tools.

Submitted on: JUN 12, 2017

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