Faculty Book: Jonathan Buchsbaum

Jonathan Buchsbaum
Exception Taken: How France Has Defied Hollywood's New World Order
(Columbia University Press, 2017)
Exception TakenIn Exception Taken, Jonathan Buchsbaum examines the movements that have emerged in opposition to the homogenizing force of Hollywood in global filmmaking. While European cinema was entering a steady decline in the 1980s, France sought to strengthen support for its film industry under the new Mitterrand government. Over the following decades, the country lobbied partners in the European Economic Community to design strategies to protect the audiovisual industries and to resist cultural free-trade pressures in international trade agreements. These struggles to preserve the autonomy of national artistic prerogatives emboldened many countries to question the benefits of accelerated globalization. Jonathan Buchsbaum is a professor of theatre at the Graduate Center and Queens College.
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Submitted on: OCT 12, 2017

Category: Faculty Books | Theatre and Performance