The Graduate Center Mourns the Passing of Distinguished Professor Emerita June Nash

The Graduate Center community mourns the passing of Distinguished Professor Emerita June Nash (GC/CCNY, Anthropology) on December 9, 2019. Nash was a world-renowned anthropologist, whose pioneering ethnographic studies in Latin America highlighted individual political experience within the wider social and political-economic context. She was also a leader in her field in analyzing gender in Latin America.

She was both scholar and activist who studied the lives of tin miners in Bolivia, Zapatistas in Chiapas, the Maya in Guatemala, and General Electric workers in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Her books and numerous scholarly articles also focused on the growing impact of global capitalism on local markets and communities.

In her field work, she created dialogues with the people she studied. In an interview with Smith College in the 1990s, she said that anthropology, “takes into account all aspects of life. It’s a method of living with people.”

Among her honors were the American Anthropological Association’s Distinguished Service Award and the Kalman Selvert Award of the Latin American Studies Association.
Her funeral will take place on Saturday, December 21, at 3 p.m. at the Plainfield Congregational Church in Plainfield, Massachusetts, where she lived in retirement. A memorial to her life and work will be held at The Graduate Center next fall.

Messages of condolence can be sent to The Graduate Center’s Ph.D. in Anthropology Program, and will be forwarded to her family.

Submitted on: DEC 17, 2019

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