Faculty Book: Matthew K. Gold

Matthew K. Gold (Editor) and Lauren F. Klein, Editors
Debates in the Digital Humanities 2019
(University of Minnesota Press, 2019)

image of book: Debates in the Digital Humanities 2019Contending with recent developments like the shocking 2016 U.S. Presidential election, the radical transformation of the social web, and passionate debates about the future of data in higher education, Debates in the Digital Humanities 2019 brings together a broad array of important, thought-provoking perspectives on the field’s many sides. With a wide range of subjects including gender-based assumptions made by algorithms, the place of the digital humanities within art history, data-based methods for exhuming forgotten histories, video games, three-dimensional printing, and decolonial work, this book assembles a who’s who of the field in more than 30 impactful essays.

Among the book's many contributors is Gradaute Center Profiessor Claire Bishop (Art History). 

Gold is an associate professor of English and director of the master's programs in digital humanities and data analysis and visualization at The Graduate Center.

Klein is graduated in 2011 with a Ph.D. in English from The Graduate Center. She is a currently an associate professor in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Submitted on: MAY 1, 2019

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