Merima Ključo and Jelena Milušić on The Thought Project - Episode 71

Merima Ključo, an acclaimed accordionist and vocalist Jelena Milušić have a new creation, which they will be performing at The Graduate Center this week. Their duo album, Lume, is a conceptual work consisting of 10 love songs from different parts of the world, five of which were composed by Ključo, based on Romanian, Croatian, Kosovarian, and Sephardic traditional pieces. In different languages, "lume" has various meanings:  the world, life, source of light, illusion, fire, spark, lover, humanity, more than love. The link connecting the songs is the universal theme of love.

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Photo credit: Alex Irklievski


Submitted on: NOV 14, 2019

Category: General GC News | The Thought Project