Faculty Book: Mary Ann Caws

Alice Paalen Rahon
Translated by Mary Ann Caws
Alice Paalen Rahon
(Prenguin Random House, 2021)

image of book: Alice Paalen RahonPoetry by one of the most powerful female figures in twentieth-century surrealism, now collected in English for the very first time.

Alice Paalen Rahon was a shapeshifter, a surrealist poet turned painter who was born French and died a naturalized citizen of Mexico. Along with her first husband, the artist Wolfgang Paalen, her circle included Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Joan Miró, Paul Éluard, Man Ray, and Anaïs Nin. Bicultural, bisexual, and fiercely independent, her romantic life included affairs with Pablo Picasso and the poet Valentine Penrose. This new selection of Rahon’s poems, included both in the original French and in translation by Mary Ann Caws, celebrates the visionary work of a woman who defied easy definition. Her spellbinding poems, inspired by prehistoric art, lost love, and her travels around the globe, weave together dream, fantasy, and madness.

Caws is a distinguished professor emerita of comparative literature, English, and French at The Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JAN 19, 2021

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