Brett Stoudt on The Thought Project - Episode 82

This week’s guest is Brett Stoudt, is an associate professor at The Graduate Center where he heads the Critical Social/Personality and Environmental Psychology subprogram of the Ph.D. Program in Psychology. Stoudt, who is also a Graduate Center alumnus, has worked on numerous participatory action research projects with community groups, lawyers, and policymakers nationally and internationally.

His interests include the social psychology of privilege and oppression as well as the human impact of the criminal justice system. He serves as the associate director of the Public Science Project at The Graduate Center, and he is on the steering committee of the Communities United for Police Reform In New York City.

In this conversation, he discusses New York’s Raise the Age law, which upped the age of criminal responsibility to 18. Stoudt and a coalition of partners are monitoring the new Youth Court that was created by the legislation to determine its effectiveness. 

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Photo credit: Alex Irklievski

Submitted on: FEB 20, 2020

Category: Critical Social | Faculty | General GC News | The Thought Project