Graduate Center Online Collaboration Tools for Faculty, Students, and Staff

The online resources and services listed below are available to Graduate Center faculty, students, and staff for teaching, working remotely, and collaborating online. 

Blackboard training is available online and on-demand and work orders can be submitted to IT Services if additional assistance is needed. Every section taught at the GC has a corresponding course site in Blackboard with your students already enrolled that can be enabled. Additionally, you can use the Collaborate tool within Blackboard to meet and speak to your students. Blackboard Collaborate is a high-quality, browser-based web conferencing solution within our Blackboard environment, allowing you to easily set up a conference with your students. 

Microsoft Office 365 for Education to all active students, faculty and staff via the Microsoft Office in Education program.

  • Within the MS Suite of applications, MS Teams is a chat and collaboration platform for Microsoft Office 365 customers designed to simplify group work and includes collaboration channels, live chat, files repository, videoconferencing, and much more. You can sign up for free on-demand training here.
  • MS OneDrive can also be used to store and access files from different devices, share files, and collaborate on content.

Dropbox and Dropbox Paper is available to all active CUNY students, faculty and administrative staff.  You can use these tools to store and access files from different devices, share files, and collaborate on content with unlimited storage. Training resources are available here.

The CUNY Virtual Desktop (VDI) environment allows users to remotely access course software anytime.  STATA was added last year and is available to the GC Community only.

Zoom is a cloud-based, full featured, video and audio conferencing service which allows online collaboration. The service is used for online teaching, training, remote support, audio calls, and meetings. The service allows participants to engage in synchronous online meetings from a conference room solution, a mobile device, personal computer, or phone. Participating via a smart phone or computer will allow the users to share both live video and share content from the device.

Submitted on: MAR 9, 2020

Category: Information Technology | Provost's Office