The Graduate Center Launches The Thought Project Blog on Medium

The Graduate Center is excited to announce the launch of its new blog, The Thought Project, on the Medium platform. We debut today with writings by Political Science Ph.D. student Javier Padilla and Professor Heath Brown, who, on the heels of one of the most important elections in U.S. history, provide timely insight into the country’s growing political polarization and the unfolding leadership transition. We encourage you to check out these very timely offerings and to also consider becoming a contributor to the blog.
The Thought Project blog is a companion to the podcast of the same name, which we launched in 2018 to share the research of our faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and administrators beyond the walls of academia and highlight the value of our scholarship and investment in the public good. An extension of The Thought Project’s brand, the blog will feature new posts every two weeks initially with the goal of becoming weekly as content increases.
The Thought Project will feature opinion pieces and Q&As by and with GC faculty, students, postdocs, and leadership. The blog is an excellent vehicle for contributors to engage readers within the academy and from the general public in a discussion of timely topics and share insight into how their scholarship, research, and expertise illuminate current issues, impact New York and the world, and drive the public good. We invite you to check out our contributor guidelines below (also online), and we encourage you to pitch us your ideas.
The Thought Project Blog Contributor Guidelines
What we are/do
The Thought Project blog will provide an opportunity for Graduate Center students, postdocs, administrators, and faculty to:

  • Write and publish opinion pieces, essays, and Q&As that comment on newsworthy issues, events, and cultural topics;

  • Highlight how their scholarship and expertise add to the general public’s awareness, understanding, and ability to take action on these matters; and  

  • Speak to lay audiences.

How to become a contributor
There are three ways to become a contributor to The Thought Project blog:

  • Send a pitch of your idea for consideration to the editors at

  • Accept an invitation from the editors to become a contributor.

  • If you have been featured on The Thought Project podcast, the editors may opt to have previously unpublished portions of your interview published as a Q&A.

Blog submission guidelines

  • Opinion pieces and essays should be 500–850 words in length and should be connected to newsworthy issues, events, and cultural topics.

  • Submissions should highlight scholarship and expertise that adds to the general public’s awareness, understanding, and ability to take action on a matter.

  • Blog pieces can be co-authored, but at least one author must have a Graduate Center affiliation.

  • The Thought Project staff can provide guidance and support on shaping the blog, and we will edit it in partnership with the contributor.

  • Contributors have 15 working days from commitment to/acceptance of their piece to submit a first draft.

  • The editorial style guidelines for The Thought Project blog will adhere to those used by The Graduate Center Office of Communications and Marketing, and can be found here.

  • To participate, a contributor must establish a Medium account, enabling the editors to transfer the blog to The Graduate Center’s Medium page.

  •  If you’re already blogging on Medium, the editors are open to considering your blogs for publication on The Thought Project blog.

Directions for setting up Medium account, profile and posting a blog

  • First go Medium to sign up if you don’t have an account. You can find written directions here, or a video tutorial here.

  • After setting up your account, go here and follow directions for creating your profile.

  • When you’re ready to post your first blog, you can find written directions here, or go back here for the video tutorial.

About The Thought Project Blog
The Thought Project blog is a partnered vertical with The Thought Project podcast, launched in fall 2018. In this blog, faculty, graduate students, administrators, and postdoctoral fellows write about the innovative thinking and knowledge creation generating groundbreaking academic research. The blog’s overarching editorial theme highlights Graduate Center scholarship advancing the public good in New York City, New York State, and the world.

Submitted on: NOV 9, 2020

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