The Graduate Center Launches a Research Continuity Fund to Support Students

The Graduate Center is pleased to announce the creation of a new Research Continuity Fund to help students whose research has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The ongoing pandemic has had a significant impact on students’ plans and progress. Many have lost access to archives, museums, and laboratories. Other students, particularly in the social sciences, whose research requires the ability to interact with human subjects, have had to rethink their data collection procedures or reframe their questions.
The new Research Continuity Fund is designed to help our students overcome these significant challenges. The fund will enable students to continue to make progress in their research by providing access to new databases and professional development opportunities and to provide the resources they need to hire proxy researchers at locations to which they cannot travel.
The Graduate Center is actively seeking contributions to the fund. Donations can be made via our website and by contacting the Office of Institutional Advancement and Communications at

Submitted on: NOV 12, 2020

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