Economics Professor Lilia Maliar Named a Hoover Institution Fellow

Professor Lilia Maliar (Photo courtesy of Maliar)

Professor Lilia Maliar (Economics) was appointed a fellow of the Hoover Institution, an influential public policy think tank based at Stanford University. Maliar, whose research involves finding numerical methods for solving dynamic economic models, will collaborate with other Hoover Institution fellows on various policy research topics.

Prior to joining the CUNY Graduate Center faculty in 2018, Maliar spent 10 years at Stanford as a visiting associate professor in the Department of Economics and a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution. While there, she began working with several Hoover Institution fellows including Kenneth Judd, the Paul H. Bauer Senior Fellow, and John Taylor, the George P. Shultz Senior Fellow in Economics. She plans to continue collaborating with them and other fellows on research that is connected to economic and public policy. 

Maliar and her co-authors including Judd and Taylor have proposed a new class of numerical methods that can accurately and reliably solve dynamic economic models with many state variables, such as Keynesian models, asset pricing models, default risk models, and models of climate change. Her research interests also include economic theory, macroeconomics, machine learning, deep learning, transition economies, and international trade. 

She has published widely and currently serves as associate editor of Quantitative Economics, the journal of the Econometric Society. She also advises the Bank of Canada on their large-scale ToTEM macroeconomic model for projection and policy analysis and she serves as a Research Fellow of the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR).

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Submitted on: SEP 22, 2021

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