GC Forward # 11: Important Entry Policy Update

GC Forward

Dear Graduate Center community,

We write with important news about the new CUNY entry policy. Also, read below about the NYC Health Vaccine Van on campus this week.

New CUNY Entry Policy

As of Monday, September 27, to enter a CUNY site, all CUNY students and staff as well as visitors will need to use the CUNY Access Pass in Cleared4. The Everbridge VaxPass is being phased out and cannot be used starting September 27.

Faculty, staff, and students with verified proof of vaccination status need to follow the steps below to access the CUNY Access Pass in Cleared4.

1. Find the email that was sent from no-reply@cleared4work.com with the subject line Cleared for CUNY Access. (Check all of your CUNY and personal accounts if you don’t see it in your Graduate Center account.)

2. Click on the personalized link in the email to register on the Cleared4 platform and to access your pass. Note: This link is unique to you and will always bring you to your Cleared4 account for viewing your Access Pass. Do not share this link with anyone else.

3. You will be prompted to read and accept the Cleared4 disclaimer before you can claim your Cleared4 account. 

4. Provide the personal information requested.

5. Click on the “Show Access Pass” button to access your CUNY Access Pass.

How to View and Present the CUNY Access Pass

You can access your pass at any time by navigating to your personal link from the registration email.

Click the “Show Access Pass” button.

Your Access Pass has your name, date, and your QR code, which is tied to your profile. You can print this page out or pull it up on your phone upon entry to a CUNY location.

You must renew your Access Pass each day you come to a CUNY site.

Please see CUNY Access – Cleared4 Guide for Vaccinated CUNY Students, Faculty and Staff [cunyithelp.cuny.edu] on the CUNY IT Help page for detailed information on setting up and using Access Pass.

See also the Cleared4 FAQ [cunyithelp.cuny.edu] from CUNY IT.​​ 

For questions regarding vaccination records and Cleared4, employees can reach out to the Office of Human Resources at HR@gc.cuny.edu. Students with questions about their vaccination records can contact our campus location vaccine authority (LVA) liaisons at LVA@gc.cuny.edu.

Employees and students who have not provided proof of vaccination or whose vaccination records have not yet been approved should continue to follow the routine testing program through Cleared4.

Visit the Campus Reopening website or the #CantStopCUNY [cuny.edu] website for updated entry policy information.

NYC Health Vaccine Van on Campus This Week

To help New Yorkers 12 and older get vaccinated against COVID-19, the Graduate Center has joined with New York City to have a free, mobile vaccine van at our 365 Fifth Avenue campus starting today, Monday, September 20, through Sunday, September 26, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The van is fully equipped with nurses and personnel to administer the vaccine and monitor patients.

NYC residents 12 and older are welcome. No appointments needed.

The van primarily administers the Pfizer vaccine. Everyone receiving a first dose will be connected to a convenient site for the second shot and will be eligible for a $100 first-shot incentive from New York City. More information about the incentive is available at the NYC Health vaccination van.

Second and third doses are also available to eligible patients.

Visit the Van:

Where: CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, between 34th and 35th Streets (in front of Fifth Avenue entrance)

When: Monday, September 20, through Sunday, September 26, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Follow the Graduate Center on Twitter (@GC_CUNY) for updates on the van.

As always, please send your reopening questions to reactivation@gc.cuny.edu.

Submitted on: SEP 21, 2021

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