Masters Programs

Provost’s Merit Scholarship for the M.A. in Liberal Studies


The Graduate Center will offer four Provost’s Merit Scholarships for new students applying to start the M.A. in Liberal Studies Program in Fall 2017.


This merit scholarship is equivalent to the cost of six credits at the New York State rate for the student’s first four semesters of enrollment.  In order to be eligible, students must register for a minimum of six credits per semester and remain in good academic standing, as outlined in the Graduate Center Bulletin.


The scholarship cannot be deferred. If a student is an out of state or international student, the difference in tuition would be the student’s financial responsibility.


The scholarship will be awarded by the admissions committee of the M.A. in Liberal Studies Program. This scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit, with the most deserving candidates being selected.

School of Journalism


The School of Journalism offers merit based scholarships to incoming students. For more information contact the admissions office at the School of Journalism.